“The Dream”


As an HR Professional, do you long for an actual vacation, to celebrate holidays, and to leave the office on time? Do you worry whether or not the right individuals are covered under your plans and if your bills are accurate?  Are you interrupted all day with employee visits and phone calls?  Do you run a payroll and anxiously await employee calls about deductions? Are you overloaded and never have time to actually perform the rest of your position? We could go on and on and on but this is enough!


If you said “Yes” to the above questions, NGE will help you.


Our service is unique for two reasons:

  • The first is because our solution is 100% customized to you. Whether your organization still uses paper, another benefits administrator, or an internally operated HRIS system, we will develop a solution.
  • The second reason our service is unique is because it works. We listen to our clients and we intimately understand their benefits plans and company structure. We care and we are committed and that is why NGE is a boutique benefits administrator. Each client means something to NGE.


If you long for accuracy, automation, a resource for employee questions and online tools that work, then put your business and trust with NGE. Check out our services and let us connect you with other clients we service that will explain how NGE will Deliver the Dream of Automated Employee Benefits Administration for you!