COBRA/HIPAA Administration


Whether you are interested in NGE for just COBRA/HIPAA Administration, for full-service benefits administration, or for any other service, we know we will impress you with our COBRA/HIPAA Administration.
Our offering is very comprehensive because it has to be; NGE takes on all the COBRA liability when we engage with a client. Therefore, by best protecting you and your plan, we are protecting ourselves. Here is how we manage COBRA/HIPAA:

Overview of NGE’s COBRA Administration

  • Online COBRA platform allows for client access for notice creation, report generation and inquiries at any time
  • Initial Notice, Qualifying Event notice and all other notices provided by NGE
  • HIPAA Certificates of Creditable Coverage
  • Full call center support for questions and coverage issues pertaining to COBRA participants
  • Urgent coverage issues pertaining to the COBRA participants will be handled by NGE
  • Monthly auditing of the COBRA eligibility
  • Open enrollment management for all COBRA participants
  • Full-monthly reporting package provided to client
  • Premium collection and remittance managed by NGE
  • Option for NGE to fully manage the enrollments and terminations of COBRA participants with all insurance providers
  • NGE takes on the COBRA liability and indemnifies the client
  • Ability to fully integrate this service into the PlanSource system, whether or not NGE is also managing the PlanSource system on behalf of the client


NGE has some fantastic references for our COBRA Administration and we would love to share them with you should you have interest in partnering with NGE for your COBRA/HIPAA Administration.


Please click here to download a copy of NGE's COBRA/HIPAA brochure.