Voluntary Benefits Enrollments


Worksite benefit plans are continuing to become more and more popular and many employers want to offer these plans but fear the administrative work they require. NGE’s solution handles the communication of these plans, the enrollment, any year-round employee questions or needs and we assist with the monthly billing process. We may even be able to help facilitate the calculation of arrears deductions for participants.  


We recognize that even though a plan is fully paid by the employee does not mean that it’s a great fit for the employer. Our enrollment approach is different and our service model is different. We believe in employee choice and not in pressure-filled one-on-one meetings. We also believe employees need to be educated to understand how these plans truly work and the benefits they provide so we rely on our call center to help with that education as well as tools like videos that are viewed during the self-service enrollment process.


NGE has great capabilities to help manage worksite benefits and we would love to help you expand and improve your benefits package without increasing your workload.


To view a sample video used to educate employees on worksite benefits, click below.